About me

Umair Qureshi, an individual who has the passion to turn ideas into reality and who is born to serve humanity.

My story

I am a thirty-year-old man who loves his family and has a passion to serve humanity and contribute to society. I am a Computer Scientist  who develops mobile applications and use technology as a tool to put my ideas into reality using digital graphics and algorithms. I love to play with my daughter who inspires me to enjoy every moment and live the life to the fullest.

What do i serve?


I create Android/IOS Applications and have six years of experience on the job. I am proficient at what I do and want to serve the world.


Blogging is my hobby. I love to learn technology and write about it to share my knowledge. I love blogging because it makes me share what I and this way I believe I am paying my role in the world as an individual.

Graphics Design

I think outside the box and my ideas are beyond reality. I use Computer Graphics as a tool to paint them on a digital canvas.