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Managing a zillion things is always a hectic thing to do. Moreover, when you aren’t aware of the strategies of the platform you want to work on. Being a new blogger is tough, I’ve been there. But here we are, writing my own blog about helping you guys out with the most productive ways and ideas for your Pinterest. 

I’m aware of how you always work hard and still don’t get the results. Pinterest is a huge traffic gaining platform that works in magical ways more like miraculously, only if you know how to handle it. 

Setting up your Pinterest requires skills and experience in order to gain organic traffic. Don’t worry if you are new to it, I am here to help you with that. Don’t waste time waiting to get followers, that’s not how Pinterest works.

Who am I?

Hello there! I am Umair Qureshi, a web developer and a blogger (running a company with a creative team)

I work with creative influencers, developers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers and help them to get the strategies straight particularly with Pinterest marketing. 

If you are just starting out with Pinterest, let me help you manage and handle, when you start with a business account


Overall these years of being a web developer and a blogger with experience, I achieved all this and helped a lot of people to experience the same with leisure. Be it an entrepreneur or a blogger.


Initial Pinterest business account set up

$ 100
  • From verifying Pinterest Domain to integrating accounts and analytics.
  • Creating the top-notch keyword-optimized profile.
  • A mix of your content with 10 rich pins creation that shows a healthy board.
  • Connecting to 10 group boards.
  • Follow 50 influencers.

Initial tailwind account set up

$ 125
  • Verifying website domain and linking the Pinterest account .
  • Establishing daily pinning schedule for the client or other content.
  • A custom pinning schedule for the client.
  • Tailwind looping with the setup of board lists.
  • Setting up tailwind tribes with the membership.

Pinterest account audit/consultation

$ 150
  • Consultation session.
  • Reports on do’s and don’ts.
  • Pin reviews for improvement.
  • Review Of Boards.

Monthly pin scheduling

$ 100
  • Schedule pin to tailwind queue.
  • Share your pins to tailwind tribes.
  • Create 1 new board as needed.
  • Apply to 1 group board as needed.
  • Up to one hour of email per month.
  • Monthly analytics report.

Creating pins

Every time when you share pins, your followers look forward to more content. More the pins- the more readers you attract and gain traffic.

Thus, creating pins worthy looking at; requires time, energy and creativity. So while I create pins for you, you can work on your content!


$ 100
  • 10 pictures
  • Pinterest worthy
  • Turnaround time: Max 7 days


$ 150
  • 25 pictures
  • All pictures are Pinterest worthy
  • Turnaround time: Max 10 days


$ 200
  • 50 pictures
  • Pinterest worthy pictures
  • Turnaround time: Max 14 days

Contact Me!

Need other services that we haven’t discussed? Let me know what you’re looking for and I can see if we can make it happen. 

How This Works

We will be in contact in 1-2 working days. You can get started today and capitalize on to earn money as a Pinterest VA. It will without a doubt give you an edge over other more general social media VAs.

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